REED Patrons & Performances

REED Patrons & Performances: Explores touring professional performers in England outside London before 1642 – their patrons, playing places and travel routes.


JUBA Project

Exploring the spread of American blackface minstrelsy in 1840s England -- a case study of the performance of race


Canada West: Fringes of Show Business

Exploring the culture of performance in Southern Ontario, homegrown and on tour, from the 1840s through World War One.


American Popular Film in Canada

Exploring the place and positioning of American film and film culture within Canadian contexts


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otraItinerant performers have much in common across centuries and countries. They travel similar routes, perform in varied locations and circulate cultural practices. This theatre history hub connects primary sources such as original documents, images and newspaper clippings, for the study and understanding of touring entertainment from the 14th to the 20th centuries.